Following the Incas

My husband and I had heard about a friend’s experience hiking the Inca trail a few years ago and were never able to get it out of our heads. We tried to book the trip for 2017, but 5 months of planning ahead wasn’t enough – apparently some people are more meticulous planners than I am! Determined, we booked our trip 8 months in advance and finally made it to the land of the Incas this year. We visited Lima, Arequipa, and Cusco then capped the trip with the four day Inca Trail. It was a truly once in a lifetime trip where every day was more incredible than the last. We were hit by hail storms in a cloud forest but then were rewarded for our efforts with incredible rainbows. We felt like real adventurers (though the kind that are pampered with incredible meals from a chef each day).

An Alpaca in Arequipa:


Plaza de Armas in Arequipa:


Some of our favorite Views from the Inca Trail:



The final day, arriving at Machu Picchu:

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